A new kind of hair color

Trillion Tones is the first ever hybrid color line ever. Not just direct dye, demi or permanent but all. It's the stylist's choice to create their own color unique shades.

LESS INVENTORY – only 16 SKUs allow you to mix literally trillions of tones/formulas

COLOR LASTS LONGER – cuticles can be raised with alkaline and pigments can be driven deeper into hair structure

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3 component color

Intense yellow Pastel yellow
Intense red Pastel red
Intense brown Pastel brown
Intense blue Pastel blue
Intense black Pastel black

5 intense tones + 5 pastel tones + white

2 alkalines, for basic and challenging coloring

2 developers, 3% (10 vol) and 7,5% (25 vol)

Alkaline helps pigments penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, it also boosts the lightening process by acting as a catalyst when mixed with hydrogen peroxide (developer).

Hydrogen peroxide causes oxidation, the released oxygen lightens the natural melanin pigment, also creates longer lasting color.

No need to always prelighten hair prior to coloring.

PPD free. Vegan. Cruelty free.

Anything from grey coverage, pastels, vibrant jewel tones, permanent lift/deposit on virgin hair, natural blonde, brunette and red shades... you name it!

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Rebecca Taylor – hair stylist

Rebecca is one of the world's most recognized hair artists. During her 14-year career she has already won prestigious awards and inspired many aspiring hair stylists around the world.

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Rebecca Taylor